About Inukshuk Capital Management Inc. (ICM)

ICM is a Portfolio Management company that offers a comprehensive wealth management service. We are here to help our clients with all facets of investing, the key of which is to design a customized strategy to help them achieve their financial goals. In all matters, we put our clients interests first.

Inukshuk, pronounced in-ook-shook, are stone monuments erected in the image of humans.  The Inuit built them to act as signposts in the desolate Arctic to help guide fellow travellers to their destination. At Inukshuk Capital Management, we seek to help our clients navigate the world of investing and guide them towards reaching their financial goals.

ICM also manages the Inukshuk Opportunities Fund LP, a systematic, multi-asset class long/short global investment fund. Accredited investors and institutions can learn more about the fund here.

Inukshuk Capital Management Inc. is incorporated under the laws of Canada and is registered as an Investment Fund Manager, Portfolio Manager and Exempt Market Dealer in Ontario. ICM’s office is located in Toronto, Ontario.