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Registered Portfolio Managers

Distinguished By A Few Important Factors:

  1. Portfolio managers have a strict fiduciary duty to serve their clients interests. This is a duty that ICM takes very seriously.  It means that you can be confident that we will be acting to further your goals in all we do.
  2. The designation of Portfolio Manager denotes an individual who has extensive industry experience and has pursued and met rigorous educational standards, including the Chartered Financial Analyst credential—the industry “Gold Standard”.
  3. We work on a flat-fee basis.  Our incentive is to help you realize your financial goals.  If you succeed, we succeed.

Your Money is Insured

We manage your account but the actual money in your account is held in your name at the National Bank Independent Network.  This means that your account is insured by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

We Don’t Predict The Future, We Plan For It

We build custom portfolios that are time-tested and optimized to balance maximum return with minimum risk.  

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